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Our Background

I was so eager to volunteer to be classroom mom, that I paid a babysitter to watch my youngest so I could spend time in class. I wanted to spend extra time with my son, however, anyone who has ever volunteered knows, you help wherever the teacher needs it most. For me it was a cute and nice but shy little boy. After spending a couple of weeks with this particular boy I asked him how he felt about coming back to school after a three day weekend. Most children enjoy the extra day off, to sleep in and play. This young man’s response was, “Mrs. Kronk I don’t get food when I’m not at school. I’m hungry on the weekends.” What do you say to that?! I went home and cried and talked to my husband. I made a plan to go see Pauline Cullman at the Good Samaritan Food Pantry. She put me in contact with Susan Maggard. At our meeting she asked me how many kids had a need and my reply was 8-10. In reality I only knew of two but I really wanted to make a good argument to start a program. That was a Saturday and I took food and placed it in their backpacks the following Monday. I went in to the school looking to spend more time with my boy, but God used it to put this program on my heart. I never gave much thought to childhood hunger. It happens in other cities and other countries. Right?! Often times I have felt wildly under qualified to run a non-profit, but as I read The Bible it tells about many under qualified individuals who are called to perform great deeds, leaving no doubt that their ability to do so is nothing short of God’s helping hand. Have a blessed day! Tracy

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